Photos on Acrylic Face Mounted

Acrylic Face Mounted Prints

How is an acrylic print mounted?

Well, it's a lot of skill believe it or not... we use optically clear acrylic which is roughly 1/4" thick. All of our acrylic prints are created in a clean environment to ensure prints are particle free. The panel is CNC routed with two different tool changes. One tool does what we call a rough cut and the next one is a polish bit that buffs the edge to a nice clear machined finish. Once the shape is created it enters a two step mounting process which allows for the paper print to adhere to the smooth crystal clear surface. We use the highest quality Epson photo printer in the market place. The paper we use is a specially formulated metallic chrome paper for extremely sharp images. We apply a 1/8” thick black sheet to the back of the print which is what the mount attaches to. All Acrylic prints come ready to hang.

What's the ideal image? 

Any image with vivid colors that you are looking to make a statement with. We achieve an enhanced 3-D effect and vibrancy with our metallic chrome paper.



Ready to Hang

Acrylic Photo Print Ready to Hang 

Ready to Hang 

Acrylic Face mounted print are beautiful option for a modern look and feel.

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