Fine Art Photo Prints on Cotton or Metallic

Fine Art Paper

Advantages to buy prints in a roll vs. mounted


We sometimes know what we want. A print made! Professional fine art photographers require archival print media with a white point and contrast ratio that meet the demanding requirements of their work without sacrificing the look and feel of a true fine art paper. We offer you the ability to get a high quality paper print at a very economical price. We offer fine art paper prints in two different and unique papers Epson cold press 100% cotton and a proprietary metallic chrome.

What's the difference between the two papers? Which one should I use?

Here are some guidelines for choosing the best fine art paper for your image. Also consider where the presentation, and what will work best in the end.


cotton paper

Fine Art Photo Print Cotton Paper 

Cotton Paper


Epson Cold Press Bright is an acid free, 100% cotton paper that enables rich, deep blacks and an incredibly wide color gamut. The cold press manufacture of this media provides an elegantly textured finish that is optimized for the Epson UltraChrome Ink family.

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metallic paper

Fine Art Photo Print Metallic Paper 

Metallic Paper


Metallic Chrome is a glossy pearlescent metallic fine art photo paper. Chrome Metallic Paper has a heavy 270/gsm weight and smooth surface. This metallic photo paper is also used to make our face mounted acrylic prints, a great option for high contrast and HDR images

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