Metal Photo Prints


What exactly is a metal print?

Well, it's close to what it says... we use .045 aluminum which is roughly 1/8" thick panel sourced from Chromeluxe. All of our metal prints are created through a dye sublimation process, in which the 8 color ink set from sawgrass technologies are heated and infused directly into the metal. This process creates both an extremely vivid image and durable print that is scratch resistant and waterproof, with an extremely high level of detail.

We offer metal prints in two presentations... ready to hang in sizes up to 30x30; sitting on a desk or mantel along with our other treasured positions.


Flexed Metal Photo Prints 

Flexed Metal Prints

Your favorite image printed on metal is tilted at a slight angle for optimal viewing. At the bottom, the aluminum photo rolls into a flat base, meaning your print free stands on its own, simply and elegantly.

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Arched Metal Photo Prints 

Arched Metal Prints

Arched desktop print gives your photo prints a new level of depth and dimension. The arched is freestanding and available five sizes and great for horizontal photos.

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Wooden Base

Metal Photo Prints Desktop Wood Base

Wooden Base Metal Prints 

It's basically timeless. Your favorite image will stand tall with an attractive 3/4" stained wooden base sure to turn heads. Each base provides firm support for your print.

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What's the difference between the surface options? Which one should I choose?

Here are some guidelines for choosing the best surface for your image. Also consider where the print will be displayed, and what works best for the space.

Gloss White Metal

Gloss White Metal Prints 

Gloss White Metal

A white surface with a luminous, high gloss finish; works great with images with a lot of vibrant, bright colors. If you want it to pop this is the surface.

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Matte white metal


Matte White Metal

A white surface, with a non-reflective, matte white finish; creates a soft fine art quality beautiful for skin tones and perfectly eliminates glare.

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gloss clear metal


Gloss Clear Metal

Shows off the metal grain, with no white present in the image, gloss clear finish; a great option for high contrast images we see a lot of black and white photography on this surface

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Matte clear metal


Matte White Metal

Again, shows off the metal grain, with no white present in the image, matte clear finish; a beautiful option for vintage photography or filtered images.

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