Photos printed on wood

Wood Prints

How is a wood print made?

Well, it's a process to say the least... we use sustainably harvested Russian birch which is roughly 5/8" thick. All of our wood prints are created through long process, in which the panel is CNC routed with three different tool changes. Once the shape is created it enters a two step sanding process which allows for the ink to adhere to an extremely smooth surface. We use the highest quality UV flatbed printer in the marketplace, achieving an extremely sharp image. We coat all wood prints with a Matte protective finish which is durable, scratch resistant, and waterproof, with an extremely high level of detail.

Ready to Hang or Sit on my desk?

At Canvas Direct, we offer many different mediums and technologies of printing. For example, the desktop wood prints are perfect for a college dorm or cubical. Have a little more space? Choose a 30” X 30” wood print to set as the feature art print in your conference room. When you choose Canvas Direct you get more than just a photo printed on wood; you get the Wow factor.

What's the ideal image?

Choosing the best image for wood is not easy. Images with a great deal of contrast look amazing. Also consider will this natural, from-the-earth product look good in my space...


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wooden base

Desktop Wood Prints with Wood Base 

Wooden Base Wood Prints

It's basically timeless. Your favorite image will stand tall with an attractive 3/4" stained wooden base sure to turn heads. Each base provides firm support for your print.

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Ready to Hang

Wood Photo Prints Ready to Hang 

Ready to hang Wood Prints

Russian Birch: Shows off the wood grain, with no white present in the image, matte spray finish; a beautiful option for high contrast, vintage photography, or filtered images.

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